All clients must pass screening before they can lock in any dates. Below is the information required:

Additional info that is not required, but always helps:
Why screening? Screening is all about connecting the client to the identity that they are claiming, putting a face to the faceless. Nowadays, it's extremely easy to pose as someone else. Screening helps ensure the integrity of the booking and my safety.

What about my discretion? I don't want to give up my info. The dictionary defines "discreet" as: Careful and circumspect in one's speech or actions, especially in order to avoid causing offense or to gain an advantage. In other words, discretion is not about withholding information, it's about carefully handling it. That is precisely how I handle all of my bookings - with care and respect. I am not in the business of "doxxing" my clients and I would never throw away my lucrative career for something so childish. I am in the business of traveling, meeting great clients, offering them a positive and memorable service, and always in hopes that they will see me again or put in a good word to their friends. Rest assured, our meetings are kept between us and us only.

I need absolute discretion and legal assurance from you. Would you sign an NDA? Yes, absolutely.

I'm verified and I have plenty of references that can vouch for me. Can I use that to bypass screening? No. I have no affiliation with any other services such as P411, TER, etc.