Welcome to my super-simple-straight-to-the-point site [which is always under construction because I'm a clinical procrastinator]. This is normally where you'd go to set up a date with me. However, I am currently not taking anymore inquiries and will be suspending them indefinitely. So, in the mean time, this page will serve as a relic.

I'll still remain very active on my Onlyfans and on Twitter.

To all the gentlemen that I did get to spend time with, thank you for the wonderful experiences :)

Read ➞ Contact ➞ Screen ➞ Deposit ➞ Meet

  1. Read over my website.
  2. Contact me when you're ready and introduce yourself. Specify which city you're looking to book me in, what dates work for you, and how many hours.
  3. Provide your screening information when we've agreed on a date.
  4. Provide a deposit when you're screening has cleared.
  5. Receive all information pertaining to the booking prior to meeting.
  6. Meet!